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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  September 26, 2012 8:00am-10:00am PDT

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other nations convinced iran is trying to build nuclear weapons. meanwhile protestors are in the streets outside the u.n. right now, many of them iranian americans calling for the hand over of iran's u.n. seat to a group called the iranian existence for secular right. we will have his remarks translated inch toning hreurb live on our website. if you want to check it out you can head over to right now brand-new stories and break news. >> reporter: including this going toe-to-toe in a crucial toss upstate, president obama and governor romney both campaigning in the same battleground state today. we'll take you straight to ohio and talk about the strategies there, plus violent protests in two european capitols. latest fall outs from efforts to slash out of control government
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spending. what the street battles you're seeing across the pond there mean for our economic future. and finding justice for an american couple murdered in a tropical paradise. it's all happening now. and back to the big story of the day, iranian mahmoud ahmadinejad getting set to address the u.n. general assembly. hello, everyone, i'm arthe arthel nevel in for jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. mahmoud ahmadinejad delivering what is expected to be his final speech to the u.n. as president of the islamic republic. this caps a week of belligerent receipt particular. on tuesday he called for a new world order, free from what he calls american bullying. all this has governor mitt romney and the republican national committee hit the president hard on foreign policy, releasing a scathing
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attack being the president's handling of mideast policy. here is the governor speaking with our carl cameron yesterday react being to the president's overall foreign policy and his recent comments about the violence. >> i think when the president said the developments in the middle east are like bumps in the road, i think he badly misunderstandses the nature of what is happening in the middle east, not just the assassination of our diplomats but a muslim brotherhood leader becoming the president of egypt, 20,000 people being killed in syria, iran moving towards nuclear capability, the developments in the middle east are far from being bumps in the road. jon: joining us now former u.s. ambassador to the u.n., ambassador john bolt tops, also a fox news contributor and a mitt romney supporter i should add. we are joined by cia covert operations officer mike baker. welcome, gentlemen to goat of you. mr. ambassador, ahmadinejad was here last year, he was here the year before that, this was to be
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his last address to the u.n. general assembly as iran's p. it doesn't aeu paoefr that time has mellowed him. >> no, he's not showing that he's intimidated at all by the economic sanctions imposed on iran or efforts to isolate him. the form lacing that you describe is one that is intended to appeal to the large majority in the united nations that he can look to for aid and comfort. i think it's clearly designed to support iran's position across the board on the nuclear weapons program, syria, you name it. jon: we talk about the sanctions and we often use the word crip blink, are they? >> they are causing economic pain there is no doubt about it. the drop in the cost of oil has caused more pain. the real thing is will it stop their nuclear program and there is no evidence the sanctions are having any effect on that. >> if a nation like north korea can create nuclear weapons and it has and it's been under sanctions for years how hard would it be for the iranian toss
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do the same. >> it's not, as long as we continue this game and they continue to be successful in their stalling tactics, and they are very good in doing that. they've done it for years and years and years. we can't keep saying sanctions and dephreupl massey against this fact -- the clock is ticking. if they play this game long enough they will have their program. russia and china are facilitating iran's effort. jon: what do they get out of it? is it iranian oil, is it tweaking the united states? >> reporter: it's both of those but they are acting in their own interest. as every nation should. we sometimes apologize for acting in our best interests. but russia and china view it as important to their agenda to block the sanctions in a meaningful way. jon: president obama said he would do whatever it takes to keep iran from gaining a nuclear
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weapon. will we? >> not under his administration, that is for sure. he's been saying this all openings are on the table for three and a half years and it just has no credibility at this point. the israelis don't believe him, the iranians don't believe him, the russians and the chinese don't believe him. that's why i believe ahmadinejad comes from a place of confidence because his overall stra teak eupblstrategic objectives can be well undertaken. the u.s. issued a statement this morning they weren't attending because it's yom kippur a hole who hwho he lee faith for the jewish faith. i think the u.s. delegation should have walked out on monday when mahmoud ahmadinejad called
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israel a fake state. that is an attack on israel and something to take seriously. >> reporter: i don't know at what point we don't start believing what they are take repeatedly over and over every since the ayatollah came into power in the 80s, they've been talking about the elimination of israel, but think say it in different ways but they always say it. at what point do we say, maybe they are serious and maybe we need to quit issuing statements that the rest of the world has to try to decipher because they are objec. >> he claims the israelis have been in jerusalem 60 or 70 years. does he not know world history or just refuse to acknowledge it? >> reporter: i think all of the above. he lies about it too, he's a holocaust denier, for example, yet he's preparing the capability with nuclear weapons to engage in another holocaust. let's be clear it's not just ahmadinejad, as you say this is his last speech as president,
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there is an election next year, pwhaoeul he' while he's the public mouth piece he's not the worst of it. the eye iranian revolution nare lee guard, all those people are going to be around long after he goes trying to get nuclear weapons. jon: does the cis actually sit down and run everything he says through a press. do they pay attention to the actual word he uses. >> reporter: absolutely. what they really pay attention to is what the clerics say. ahmadinejad is increasingly less popular in his own country and he's on the way out. sad in a way, because i think there's value in giving him a world stage once a year so that everyone can be reminded how crazy he is. the real power is in thewithin . they take it very seriously. again, our intelligence while it's not what we would like it to be it's not as bad as other
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people would make it out to be. there is a real concern here that the concept that we keep on going with the sanctions that aren't crippling, we keep on going with dip phroepl macy ar. jon: we have the remarks of mahmoud ahmadinejad streaming live for you on if you'd like to hear what that nut case has to say. thanks. >> reporter: right now mounting tension in spain over government spending cuts. overnight police and protestors clashing in madrid following a ph-r on the parliament building. more violent protest today's in greece as anti-government rally is called as part of a general
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strike and drew 50,000 people, the backdrop to all of this is the euro zone financial crisis that is forcing many governments to make deep cuts to benefits. listen up because the fallout of the crisis threatens the u.s. economy on your 401k. amy kellogg joins us from london with more. >> reporter: it affects your 401k was the markets of course are corelated and the markets in europe are down. also the s&p derives a significance portion of its earnings from european then american companies have operations overseas that make money in europe, therefore if the economy here is in a bad way that hurts americans. there was this big strike in greece today that got violent when some black-hooded anarchists kind of took advantage of the situation, throwing gasoline bombs at police. they used a general strike and march as a vehicle to just rage against authority. over 50,000 people came out. they are processing the further
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cuts that are coming their way . many in greece are generally desperate now having seen their salaries drop by more than 20% already since austerity became a way of life in greece. social safety networks are not able to save people. one person at the demonstration was quoted as saying, we are bleeding, we can't take it any more. the new conservative-led coalition government is said to be shakey and some worry that it could easily fall if social unrest keeps swelling. but this government wants to stay in the euro to avoid defaulting on debt. it needs further bailout money, in order to receive that money it needs to make more cuts, in this case nearly 15 billion moreover the next two years. spain also on edge after protests against further as territory cuts, vie tenth protests led to dozen of injuries and injuries. spain has not asked for a eu bailout but its banks are set to receive tense of billions of
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dollars worth of help. unemployment in spain 24%, but that is really just the tip of the iceberg when you think about the desperation there, because youth unemployment whoever's around 50%, and tomorrow the spanish people are going to learn about further automatics territoras territoryabout austerity cuts. a lot of them feel in the dark about the situation in their country and that panic fuels some of the unrest that we have seen. >> reporter: thank you very much for that report. amy kellogg live from london. jon: new information from capitol hill on a fox news exclusive. members of congress expressing tkerpb over the administration's handling of the u.s. consulate in libya. several senators sending a letter to president obama. the believing they had with hillary clinton left them with many unanswered questions. catherine herridge is in washington this mourn. what are we learning about the
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letter. >> reporter: thank you and good morning. fox was first to obtain this letter. significantly it's signed by the heads of the intelligence, armed services, appropriations, skwrurb dish airy and foreign relation commit taoets who have oversight on these issues. they are disturbed by statement made by the members of the administration that would lead americans that this attack was a protest gone wrong . we stand ready to return to washington. right after the briefing thursday on capitol hill by the secretary of state and the director of national intelligence they indicated it was inadequate. >> they did give some information but said that something that they said could be talked about outside, so i guess i didn't learn anything. it's nice to see you all, but there i not really much to say. >> i think it was very important that secretary clinton and senator clapper and the other people there told the entire body, our congress, which is the
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house and the senate the facts are what we know now and that it's under investigation and we'll report back when we get the information. >> reporter: what seems clear there our reporting is within the last 48 hours you've seen a real push on capitol hill especially from the republicans to make the administration be more forthcoming about the intelligence they had when they were briefing congress and also when we had those statements by the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. susan rice and what also seems leer from our reporting is that even though everyone is under the pressure of the forthcoming election they are not going to give the white house a pass here, jon. jon: stay on top of it for us. thank you. >> reporter: police in north carolina racing to find a missing 12-year-old girl. they think they know who ab a gale lefevers is with right now and that's why authorities are desperate to find her. plus this it's a crucial battleground state in the race for the white house. how president obama and governor romney plan to woo undecided voters days ahead of early voting in the buckeye state.
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arthel: president obama and governor mitt romney descending on the battleground state of ohio today, the president taking his message to college students at two state universities, while governor romney targets work-class voters in major metropolitan areas. less than a week before early voting begins in ohio where does each candidate stand. bob cusack is the managing editor for the hill. good to see you. which candidate would you like to analyze first you pick. >> president obama, he has the lead in ohio and that has picked up. i don't think that is surprising because last week was the worst week for the mitt romney campaign. can romney still win ohio? yes. he's going to have to change the dynamic a little bit. why is ohio so important, the last eleven presidential elections if you win ohio you
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win the presidency. that's why these two guys are fighting over the state and down the stretch they are going to be in ohio a lot. arthel: let me jump in with specifics here, bob. as you say we already said the president is visiting two state universities there. he's going after the young voters. they put him over-the-top in 08 with a 51% lead over the ka main palin ticket. certainly the president is not taking the ohio voters for granted. this is his 13th visit here this year. will it be a hard sell for the president to keep his supporters on the hook there? >> i mean it's a state that he got a shellacking in 2010. he had a lot of house republicans pick up seats there. we have a senate seat there. i think he's going to be talking about the bailout, which mostly helps him in michigan but it helps him in ohio. he can talk about the economy in ohio because the nation's unemployment rate is a full point higher roughly than ohio. that is going good to be the
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tough dynamic for mitt romney. he's going to talk about the economy. romney had said the unemployment rate would go to 6% nationwide. he has to make the case, don't just be satisfied with a mediocre economy, it can and should get better. both of these guys are not going to be taking ohio for granted. arthel: is ohio like a life boat for governor romney that will bring him to a sink or swim come know it will be a tough situation for him to bash the president's economic policies when you have a 7.2% unemployment rate there. the president is going to say, hey, you can go ahead and attack me on my trade policies with china, but it doesn't matter because remember, i am the person who brought about more cases against china in my first term as opposed to president george w. bush did in his two terms in office. >> yeah, i think that romney is going to throw deep a little bit
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because he is behind and take some chances. there is a china currency bill. china bashing on the campaign trail always works. there is a china currency bill that came out of the senate, bipartisan support of 16 republicans, mitt romney will have to talk about more about that bill. that is something the obama administration has not embraced. that is a b bipartisan bill. john boehner is not a fan of that bill but mitt romney will have to tuck more about that to goes the gap in ohio. arthel: we'll be watching. it's an exciting race to say the least and weep it here on the fox news channel for all your details all the way up to november 6th and beyond. thank you, bob. jon: remembering andy williams, we'll look back at life and career of a singer who brought us some unforgettable music, hits like "moon river," "can't get used to losing you." as arthel just mentioned president obama and governor mitt romney both in the battleground state of ohio
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today. the president we're told is prepared to launch attacks against his opponent over china so, what is that all about? we'll get into it ahead.
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arthel: right now new information on crime stories we are keeping an eye out for you. a jamaican man accused of murdering a south carolina couple at their vacation home. the 28-year-old security tpard is charged with fatally stabbing michael and tell ma king at their beach-front condo on friday. king was a miss man building a rum factory on the islands. they are searching for more clues on the speed freak killers. agents searching a farm where remains were uncovered months ago. two men were convicted of four
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murders but authorities believe there could be as many as 15 victims. an amber alert now in north carolina for a missing 12-year-old girl, abbigail lefevers was last seen at her home thursday night. they think she may be with timothy, howard new man, a registered sex offender. they say she knows him and they may be in south carolina. jon: sad news on the passing of an american singer. andy williams died last night at the age of 84. julie banderas with the story. >> andy williams had been battling bladder cancer for the past year of his life. the legendary singer passed away last night surrounded by his family but his legacy lives on as one of the most popular vocalists of his time. in the 1960s williams released his signature song "moon river"
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ironically williams died at home in branson, missouri, where he owns the moon river. the crooner is survived by his wife debbie, and history children he had with his former wife home divorced in 1975, french born dancer claude dean longet. le following year after their divorce she was charged with faith hr-lee shooting her boyfriend. williams made headlines as he stood by her side throughout the public trial. he married debbie mier in 1991. on twitter today a lot of fans weighing in on their memories and fans are saying farewell today to huckleberry friend. back to you, jon. jon: julie banderas, great memories there. thank you. arthel: as we mentioned earlier president obama is said to arrive in the battleground state of ohio at any moment now attending two separate campaign events amid some brand-new polls giving the president a significant lead in several key
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swing states. ed henry is traveling with the president and joins us live from bowling green, ohio. of course,ed both in the same state. the president is gaining a strong lead there, right? >> that's right. yesterday remember we were in new york because the president and mitt romney in the same city giving dueling foreign policy speeches. the romney campaign season opening in the wake of the terror attack in libya questions about the president's mideast policy. now as you note both men here in the battleground of ohio today sort of shadowing one another, domestic issues more the focus of course here in the midwest. 18 electoral votes in ohio. no republican has won the white house without winning this state first. as you know "the new york times" cbs battleground poll shows the president up 10 points. 53 to 4 3-point it. there is a lot of talk about republicans that there has been an over sam blink of democratic
8:28 am
voters and the votes are being screwed against the romney campaign. nonetheless if you look at "the new york times" battleground poll, for example, previously the president only had a single digit lead here in ohio, now up to a double digit lead. even if it's off a little bit the bottom line is the trajectory is favoring the president at least for now arthel. arthel: on top of all that i should say the economy there in ohio seems to be providing a struggle for governor romney because it's improving there so he kind of can't claim bad economic policies there. >> you're right. it complicates the equation for the romney camp. the economy was supposed to be the achilles' heel for the president. here you have the unemployment rate in the state of ohio that is better than the national average. mitt romney sees an opening because of the president's policy towards china and is accusing the president of being soft in terms terms of trade with china, not being tough enough, he says that has cost, particularly states like ohio
8:29 am
hundreds of thousands of jobs. there will be a push back by the president saying mitt romney outsourced jobs that he personally invested in a chinese electronics company. look at this poll in terms of handling the economy. the president even has an edge there 51-45% over mitt romney. this was supposed to be the achilles' heel for the president. instead it's a struggle for mitt romney. you have a republican government in john kay sack who has an impact, but mitt romney has been making a case that the president's policies are failing but in ohio people doing little bit better. jon: talking about the economy it is the biggest investment most americans will ever make and this morning brand-new home sales numbers are just out. what they say about confidence in the housing market now and going forward. also, both president obama and governor romney badly want to
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8:34 am
of 373,000, but prices for homes are booming, up 11.2% in august to a little more than $250,000. now, that's the biggest one-month gain on the record. joining me now to make sense of all these numbers, fox business network's david asman is here. so, hey, david, sort of like a good news/bad news. >> yeah, i don't know about you, but when i get this news, i always like the bad news first, i like to get the bad news out of the way. bad news is that the home market, because sales were beginning to recover a little bit, companies that build houses like lennar and hovnanian were having terrific sales records. lennar in august said it was up 28% from a year earlier, orders rose 44%, so everybody was expecting great new home sales. well, they came down a little bit in august from where we were in july. july they were very strong, but they have come down a bit, and expectations were that they would be higher than they were.
8:35 am
now, on the other hand, the good news is that home prices have soared 11.2%. this is the single biggest monthly increase ever recorded in history. the median home in america costs $256,000. this is great news for sellers who a lot of whom were just sitting on their house, they didn't want to set it at record low prices. the prices are coming up now to the point where they may be binning to think about -- beginning to think about selling because they can finally get return on their investment. why are home prices when, in fact, sales have come down a little bit? the main reason is supply and demand. there is very little supply on hand, and the demand has been withheld for months, if not years. people have been putting off home prices, waiting for those prices to bottom out. now people are going in and buying, and because a lot of home builders have not been building over the past couple of years, that means that the supply is dipping, so the prices are going up. and inventory is moving, foreclosures seem to have
8:36 am
bottomed out as well. listing of foreclosed properties are down 24% from a year ago, and more than 45% from two years ago. so all these government programs that have been forestalling foreclosures, trying to keep people in their homes have been sort of putting off the clearing process. foreclosures are awful. you don't want to see it, be involved in it, but they serve a purpose. they clear out the inventory. and now that these government programs have mostly failed to do what they were supposed to do, which is to help the housing market recover, these foreclosed properties are moving. that's clearing the inventory and leaving those who want to buy a house without much of a choice. they are forced into sales. so home prices are booming, but sales numbers are going down just a little bit. arthel: okay, david, i like the fact that you get the bad news out of the way. i'm with you on that. >> i'm that kind of guy. arthel: i'm with you on that. thank you, david asman. jon: right now president obama and governor romney's paths set to cross again on the campaign
8:37 am
trail today, this time in the critical battle ground state of ohio. both men are trying to win toss-up states like ohio and a key voting bloc as well; white males. as politico reports today, quote: after decades of taking a backseat to the growing voting demographics of women, latinos, middle class, white men are finding themselves front and center once again. let's get a fair and balanced debate underway. we're joined by simon rosenberg, president and founder of ndn and a former clinton campaign adviser, mary katherine hamm is editor at large of hot and a fox news contributor. mary katherine, according to a gallup poll last month, mitt romney enjoyed a 24-point advantage among white males nationally. last week reuters/ip sos put it at 20%. is he in danger of losing, perhaps, more of this group? >> yeah. i mean, this is part of a larger
8:38 am
gender gap problem, the gender gap you don't hear about which is traditionally democrats have had problems wooing men just as republicans have had issues wooing women, and it gets worse among white voters and even worse among white male not college-educated voters. and so he -- but here's the thing, where do those guys matter? they matter in iowa, ohio, new hampshire, and that's why they're trying to close that gap. i'm not sure that talking about almost exclusively women's issues at their convention was the way to do that for democrats, but that's why you see, for instance, barack obama doing a radio interview. he doesn't do that many interviews, but he did one specifically in iowa about replacement refs which is, no doubt, a way to speak to that group and say i understand the things you care about. jon: yeah. and the president even sent out a tweet yesterday advocating that the refs get back to work. simon, the white males tend,
8:39 am
trended toward president obama in 2008, but they swung back hard to the republican side in the 2010 elections. is there any indication that they're going to go back to obama this time? >> well, in the data in the last few weeks, i think one of the reasons you've seen the democrats rise across the board and particularly president obama's numbers is that he's winning back a bunch of those white male voters that were lost to the democrats in 2010. if you look at his numbers now, he's very close to replicating the same coalition that he used in 2008 to get 53% of the vote. i mean, he's put that team back together, that band back together. and part of what he had to do, right, and the difference between 2010 and 2012 is that he had to appeal to those voters on economic grounds, he had to make the economic argument that his plan was better than mitt romney's plan and he was going to be better for them. i think what you have yo seen in the data in the piece just before we came on here showing housing values going up 11%,
8:40 am
people are more optimistic about the economy. this is the key to him getting back to the same numbers he got in 2008 which is enough, obviously, to give him a substantial victory in the fall. jon: well, and he won 41% in 2008, i don't want to make it sound like he cleaned john mccain's clock, he won 41% which is slightly better than democrats typically do. mary katherine? >> and, jon, that's the thing about these voting blocs that tend to skew either way, women for democrats, men for republicans, is that you only have to peel off a certain number of those voters. and the reason we're talking about this gender gap now and the reason we generally do, the reason we talked about women so intensely for a while is because republicans turned the tide and won women in 2010. and so democrats were concerned about that, and they spent a lot of time messaging on that. the reason we're talking about it now is because as mr. rosenberg says, they're closing that gap a little bit on the left. but a lot of these guys are still hurting really bad. like i said, white male
8:41 am
working-class voters hit hard by the economy, 55-28 for romney in a recent study from the public religion research institute. so there's a lot of work to be done, and there's a message to say, hey, look, this is not the new normal. do not be satisfied with spending a bunch of tax money to keep this mediocre status quo. romney needs to get on that message. jon: simon, roughly half of all jobs lost have been lost by white men, so how does president obama try to appeal to them? >> well, was i think -- because i think the white men view the economy the way that most voters see it which is they know that things were really bad when president obama came to office, and things have gotten better. i know that not everybody who watches this believes that, but that's the case -- >> a lot of people who don't have jobs don't believe that. >> i know, but things are getting better. there's nobody spiking the football here on the economy, but clearly things are not only getting better from where they were when obama took office, but in the last few months -- [audio difficulty]
8:42 am
as you just heard a minute ago is up, people are getting better, people feel it, and particularly in those battlegrounds you were describing in ohio, michigan, the saving of the awe eau industry was -- auto industry was a big deal. the president stood by those workers, mitt romney walked away from them. it's having a particularly big impact in those midwestern battle ground states. jon: well, to be clear, romney said he favored a structured bankruptcy which is essentially what gm went there, right? >> i don't think anybody in those states believed that mitt romney was fighting for them during this period when he walked away from the workers. and, clearly, if you look at the polling data on this, this issue of obama fighting for the auto industry, the unemployment rate is low, and michigan it's dropped five percentage points. this was a smart move by the president, he's being rewarded by the voters. jon: we're going to have to leave the issue there. simon, white males not voting for mitt romney, simon.
8:43 am
anyway, simon, mary katherine, thank you both. >> thank you so much. arthel: pay equality is an issue president obama is putting front and center, but what do the numbers tell us about how men we'll get into that. humans. we mean well, but we're imperfect creatures living in a beautifully imperfect world. it's amazing we've made it this far. maybe it's because when one of us messes up, someone else comes along to help out. that's the thing about humans. when things are at their worst, we're at our best. see how at liberty mutual insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy?
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jon: right now all systems said to be go for one sky diver planning to take a plunge from the edge of space back to earth. take a look at this animation. it shows what felix baumgartner hopes to achieve. he's trying to break the world record for the highest altitude sky dive. the plan is for a giant helium balloon to lift him 23 mile above new mexico on october 8th. he'll then freefall through the air. he also hopes to break the sound barrier using only his body and the force of gravity. he'd need to reach a speed of 768 miles an hour. the 43-year-old baumgartner completed his final test jump
8:47 am
back in july. we'll let you know how it goes. arthel: okay. back to the campaign trail, right now one theme of president obama's re-election bid is equal pay for equal work. an assertion by the president and democrats that women earn about 77 cents for every dollar that men earn. but analysts raised questions about this hot button issue. chief national correspondent jim angle is live in washington. all right, jim, so what's the big deal? [laughter] >> reporter: well, arthel, the key assertion, as you say, is that women only make 77 cents for every dollar that men make. that is in obama ads and in his own statements. listen. >> president obama knows that women being paid 77 cents on the dollar for doing the same work as men isn't just unfair, it hurts families. >> if you do the same work as a man, you ought to be paid the same wage as a man. [applause] >> reporter: now, of course, the problem is that's not true. the assertion that it's equal
8:48 am
work for equal pay -- equal pay for equal work. the census data don't say women make 77 cents on the dollar for the same work. a census official briefing reporters was recently asked if it measures equal pay. here's what he said. >> so i don't want -- i guess we don't have a way of measuring equal pay for equal work. we try to compare the earnings of full-time year-round work between men and women. >> reporter: so, arthel, if the 77 cents isn't a measure of equal pay for equal work, what is it? a rough measurement of all women's wages versus all men's wages, definitely not a measure of equal pay for equal work. arthel? arthel: by the way, i said what's the big deal, i meant what's the real deal because it is a situation situation. why would women and men's overall earnings be so different? >> reporter: well, there's lots of differences in the kinds of job men and women take, and in many ways women are better than men. they take time off to have
8:49 am
children, they work fewer hours so they can care for their children or even ailing elders. they often don't take jobs that require lots of travel. listen. >> women are deciding not just what's great for their career, they're deciding what's great for their kids. >> so you might have a woman that works 35 hours, you might have a man doing the same job that works 50 hours, or he travels more in that job. >> people who make 44 hours per week make 50% more than people who make 34 hours a week. >> reporter: so the differences in pay between men and women is the result of personal choices. now, there may some discrimination somewhere, but it is not the national problem president obama says he's fixing. in fact, analysts say young female college graduates now often make more than men. the president recently told "60 minutes" some of his ads were a little over the top. this one might fall into that category. arthel? arthel: all right, jim. as a female, as long as we're pound for pound, if you make 50
8:50 am
cents, i want it too. fair enough? >> reporter: only fair. only fair. arthel: jim angle, good to see you. thank you. >> reporter: thank you. jon: in syria, the rebels blasting a military command post in damascus. does this mean they are gaining the upper hand against president assad's forces? we'll explain.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
jon: well, the u.s. economy is expected to plummet off the so-called fiscal cliff unless something is done to change it starting january 1st of 2013. but some small business owners say a lack of action from the obama administration and congress to prevent that from happening is already affecting their bottom line. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is live in washington with more. so exactly what are these small
8:54 am
business owners saying, mike? >> reporter: jon, they say many small businesses are holding off on opening new stores and hiring new employees until they have more certainty and confidence that congress and the president will not raise their taxes. >> small businesses are on the sidelines, and clearly not inclined to invest now at least until they see what's going to happen between now and the end of the year. >> if there is any business model that exemplifies the american dream and encourages entrepreneurship, it's franchising. however, our prospects for growth are slipping, and amidst increasing uncertainty from the impending fiscal cliff. >> reporter: they hoped congress would reach a short-term deal with the white house until congress could consider an overhaul of the tax code, but the president and lawmakers are out on the campaign trail, so they wait, jon. jon: so what do congress and the president need to do to work out this all, you know, uncertainty and handle this fiscal cliff
8:55 am
issue? >> reporter: well, jon, it's a huge list of items that are now being saved until after election day. let's take a look. the sequester, those automatic cuts as part of last year's debt deal, income taxes, rates go up, the marriage penalty is due to return, the alternative minimum tax which would effect millions more people, the estate tax, size will drop. the rates on taxable estates will jump. capital rates and dividends will increase. social security payroll taxes due to a jump from 4.2% to 6.2%, and then you've got popular deductions and credits like the child tax credit, some adoption benefits would all go away, then you've got extended unemployment benefits and, of course, the medicare doc fix. here are the top congressional leaders on addressing the fiscal cliff. >> well, i'm not confident at all. listen, the house has done its job on both the sequester and on the looming tax hikes that'll
8:56 am
cost our economy some 700,000 jobs. the senate at some point has to act. >> we will continue with the middle class tax cut that the senate passed. it's much, much too early to give up. i'm not going to give up. >> reporter: if they do give up or fail, there are concerns the shock to the economy could lead us to another recession. jon? jon: mike, thank you.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
arthel: brand new stories ahead in the second hour of "happening now." jon: and just what you might expect, fiery anti-american and anti-israeli rhetoric from iran's president. we're live with new reaction from mahmoud ahmadinejad's speech to the united nations general assembly. and call it the buckeye battle, many analysts say the only path to the white house goes through ohio. we'll tell you what each campaign is doing to try to win voters in the heartland. and nearly ten years ago a worldwide sars outbreak killed hundreds of people. now a related virus has killed
9:00 am
one person, and it looks like it's spreading. dr. manny is here to break it all down. high noon here on the east coast. welcome to a second hour of "happening now." i'm jon scott. arthel: and i'm arthel neville in for jen from a lee. "happening now," the face of hate holding center court on the world stage. ma humid ahmadinejad just speaking to the u.n. general assembly. the man who's called for the destruction of israel and the leader of a nation many believe is working on building a nuclear weapon calling for a new world order to counter what he calls u.s. dominance. >> translator: dear colleagues, this advances in scientific knowledge and technology the aspirations of adam's children have not yet been fulfilled. does anybody believe that continuation of the current order is capable of happiness for human society?
9:01 am
today everyone is discontent and disappointed with the current international order. jon: ahmadinejad's appearance sparked angry protests outside the u.n. many in new york not happy with the idea of letting iran's president speak to world leaders on yom kippur, the holiest day of the jewish calendar. jonathan hunt is live outside the u.n. for us now. what else did ahmadinejad have to say, jonathan? >> reporter: well, his speech, perhaps, wasn't quite as fiery as many might have expected, jon. nonetheless, he did take aim at his usual targets, israel and the u.s. he once again described israel as a, quote, fake government and said the israelis continue to threaten iran over its nuclear program which he has always said, of course, is entirely peaceful. as for the u.s., he said it was damaging and causing most of the world's problems, and he called in a rambling way for a new world order. listen.
9:02 am
[speaking in native tongue] >> translator: the current dismal situation of the world and incidents of history are due mainly to the banishment of the world and the self-proclaimed centers of power who haveinvoked themselves to the devil. the order that is root inside the anti-human cost of slavery and new and old colonialism are responsible for part of theressd oppression and discrimination in every corner of the world. >> reporter: the u.s. delegation, by the way, boycotted the entire speech. they were not even sitting in the general assembly hall when president ahmadinejad took to the podium. that, by the way, jon, likely the last time we will ever see him making such a speech because his second four-year term runs out next june. jon? is. jon: and i guess egypt's new
9:03 am
president, mohamed morsi, expected to speak later today? >> reporter: yeah. and in a sense that will be the more substantive, more serious speech that everybody will be paying attention to today. egypt's new islamist president making his first speech, of course, to the u.n. general assembly. it will be very interesting to see the vision he lays out for egypt and what comments he makes, of course, about the violence that was so recently there directed at the u.s. embassy in cairo. it will also be interesting to see if he echoes those controversial comments made by pakistan's president late last night that free speech should, indeed, be limited. pakistan's president, in fact, called on the united nations to lead a charge to make blaspheming the prophet muhammad actually illegal even here in the united states. in other words, the president of pakistan, one of our supposed allies, is calling for the united nations to enact
9:04 am
international law that would trump the u.s. constitution. jon? jon: what a world. jonathan hunt, thanks. arthel: the road to victory in 2012 winding through ohio and the push for votes in this key swing state is kicking into high gear. president obama campaigning in ohio today less than a week before early voting gets underway. he'll be holding campus rallies at bowling green state university and kent state this afternoon hoping to drum up support among young voters. the republican campaign is crisscrossing the state on a three-day bus tour. governor romney today blasting the president's foreign policy and his handling of the economy. >> with incomes going down, every year going down, down, down, and prices of electricity up and health insurance up and the cost of gasoline having doubled, these are tough times even for families with jobs. i know what it takes to get this
9:05 am
economy going again. i care about the people of america, and the difference between me and president obama is i know what to do, and i will do what it takes to get this economy going. [cheers and applause] arthel: the real clear politics polling average has president obama leading by more than 5% in ohio, about 49 to 44. senior national correspondent john roberts is live in westerville, ohio, where i'm told governor romney turned up the star power, right, john? >> reporter: he certainly did, arthel. he brought golf legend jack nicklaus today, a local guy. he's also a small businessman, and nicklaus told a story of how his small, family-owned company has fallen on economic hard times. he is set to lay off 50% of his staff and cut salaries by as much as 50 percent. that really fits in well with the message governor romney's pushing here in ohio of more jobs and more take-home pay. governor romney wants to lower tax rates by 20%, but he beat back today against charges from
9:06 am
the obama campaign that he would give wealthy americans a huge tax cut while raising taxes on the middle class. >> i want to bring the rates down. by the way, don't be expecting a huge cut in taxes because i'm also going to lower deductions and exemptions. but by bringing rates down, we'll be able to let small businesses keep more of their money so they can hire more people. my priority is jobs, and i'll make it happen. [applause] >> reporter: and you heard in the first little bit of sound that you played there from governor romney, he said incomes are down, that's reinforced by a new report that came out just a couple of hours ago that shows household incomes declined again in august by 1.1%. overall during president obama's term, they are down 8.2% now. arthel: john, a lot of people think governor romney hurt himself with the 47% comment. how's he trying to battle back from that? >> reporter: yeah, it does look like he did some damage because his negatives are up.
9:07 am
so what the romney campaign is doing now is trying to present him as a candidate who, as president, would have policies that would lift all boats in america. take a look at this new ad from the romney campaign. >> we shouldn't measure compassion by how many people are on welfare. we should measure compassion by how many people are able to get off welfare and get a good-paying job. my plan will create 12 million new jobs over the next four years. >> reporter: that the million new jobs -- 12 million jobs has been a promise you've heard again and again on the campaign trail. even polls have greater samplings of democratic voters in the last 24-48 hours, there does seem to be a trend particularly here in ohio towards president obama. so that big game changer may need to come in denver next wednesday, arthel. that is the first big face-to-face faceoff between governor romney and president obama at that all-important presidential debate. we'll see how that one goes.
9:08 am
arthel: cannot wait. fine job, as always, john roberts there on the campaign trail. thank you. jon: less than six weeks now, 41 days out til election day, but voters across the country are already casting ballots for president. early voting underway in idaho, south dakota, new jersey and vermont. tomorrow it's illinois, iowa, north dakota and wyoming who take a turn. nebraska and ohio start next week. so does early voting shape the campaigns and elections in any real way? shannon bream takes a look at that live from washington. >> reporter: hi, jon. while president obama easily won early balloting in 2008, experts believe this time around early voters may be pretty evenly split between the two parties. it often has to do with which voters are feeling more motivated and enthusiastic, and most pollsters give republicans a slight advantage in that respect this time. but experts warn that common mistakes often mean early votes won't count at all. >> we know about mail ballots is
9:09 am
that in 2008400,000 of those ballots were rejected because voters didn't follow the proper procedures. they didn't sign the envelope, or maybe they needed a witness signature. something went wrong, and i can go on, there are many different ways that people can disenfranchise themselves. >> reporter: political analysts say the obama campaign did a much better job of courting early voters in 2008 and that the mccain campaign didn't have as much money to invest on that front. by contrast, the romney campaign is reportedly in a much better position, spending a lot of money and time in states where early voting is now or will soon be underway. for instance, romney is in ohio today. >> since a significant number are now voting, the fact of the matter is you've got to be on message all the time, and that's whether you're republican, democrat or independent. and i think for republicans specifically that message needs to be crystal clear, and i think that's why governor romney is being so specific as he's campaigning right now, because you realize votes are being cast. >> reporter: analysts say they
9:10 am
believe about 35% of this year's presidential ballots will be cast during this early voting period. jon? jon: shannon bream joining us from washington. thank you. arthel: syria's state tv reporting a pair of suicide car bombers set off two massive explosions targeting the regime's military command center. the blasts were followed by heavy gunfire lasting several hours. at least four people are reported dead and 14 injured. and take a look, this closed circuit video just in here to fox news supposedly showing the actual moment of the first car bomb explosion. now, the attacks are the latest to hit the syrian capital as the country's civil war intensifies and rebels struggle to overthrow the regime of president assad. jon: well, president obama has a lot on his plate, but some longtime supporters in the media are starting to question his priorities. coming up, why they are upset,
9:11 am
even shocked, by the timing of his appearance on "the view." plus, sounding an alarm for bacon lovers, why you could soon find it's not on the menu. arthel: uh-oh. well, i had all the classic symptoms... like the elephant on my chest... he thought he was having a heart attack. she said, "take an aspirin, we need to go to the hospital." i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. i'm very grateful to be alive. aspirin really made a difference.
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jon: it seems like president obama's priorities are getting a closer or examination in the mainstream media after his appearance earlier this week on "the i view." some pundits are wondering why the president would choose an appearance on daytime tv while passing up the opportunity to meet with world leaders who are in town at the united nations. this at a time when iran is moving closer to nuclear weapons, syria is slaughtering
9:15 am
its own people and less than two weeks after terrorists assassinated our ambassador and three others in libya. our next guest says, quote: all this happy sofa banter is fine except that into the vacuum of his empty charity proposal si on full display down the street at the u.n. races an enemy hell bent on violent mayhem and quashing charlie hurt is the author of those lines, he's a columnist for the was times. charlie, are you among the few out there who noticed the president's priorities this week? >> yeah. i was, actually, kind of surprised that so many people in my, so many of my colleagues in the media actually did notice that obama made a terrible, terrible decision, an atrocious decision to go down the street and appear at "the view" to sort of completely pander for votes. it was a completely an attempt to sort of, you know, take an opportunity to campaign over the much harder work of working to, you know, working on the very
9:16 am
troubling issues around the globe that are literally a matter of life and death for so many people, and not to mention the fact that, you know, it sort of keeps america's standing as the last beacon of freedom in the world. jon: we said a little while ago in a guest segment that president obama got 41% of the male vote, white male vote in america last time around and did very well at doing that. i mean, generally, democrats don't get that high a number. so this time he wants to try to hold on to that number, but he really wants the women's vote. >> yeah. and, of course, you know, it's a sad reminder that president obama promised us a postracial, postpartisan presidency, and here we are yet again dividing voters by race, gender, income and all these things just the way politics has always been done. it's very low, crass business, but that's what he's doing.
9:17 am
and he went on "the view" to appeal to women voters, and he's targeted this one group of voters that he wants to appeal to, and this was an attempt to do that. and what's really sad about it, jon, is that, of course, while he's playing politics trying to sort of, you know, be cutie and all soft and fuzzy and appeal to women voters on "the view," down the street at the u.n. they were talking about, he should have been talking about the need to stop radical islam from spreading. and the most vulnerable people, the people who bear the worst scars and the highest amount of blood under radical islam is women. and it's just sort of a shocking dissonance there. jon: well, he himself said he went on "the view" to become eye candy for the panelists. charlie, the president -- kt mcfarlane said on fox news yesterday and she's got a column about it today on saying she believes the reason the president didn't want to meet with any world leaders is
9:18 am
because automatically mitt romney would be afforded the same opportunity by those same world leaders, and president obama doesn't want to be eclipsed on the world stage by seeing his opponent get the same opportunities that he got. what do you think? >> i think that she's probably exactly right about that. you know, this was definitely a very craven political decision both in terms of going after the women vote by going on to "the view," but also as kt says, he doesn't want to give this higher standing to mitt romney. and also, of course, if he were to meet with netanyahu, if he were to sort of, you know, go out there and get more involved in a lot of these issues, it would give mitt romney a great opportunity to walk in and really pound the president on some, on a lot of issues that are highly, highly unpopular if, you know, if a republican were to sort of present them the
9:19 am
right way such as when the protesters began gathering outside the walls of the egyptian embassy, what did the obama administration do, what did the state department do? they condemned the abusers of free speech. well, that's not what we're about. jon: a little bit of fiddling while rome and consulates burn. charlie hurt from the washington times. arthel: coming up, he was born there and his dad was a three-term governor of the state, now governor mitt romney could love, would love to capture michigan's electoral votes. coming up, an up-close look at both candidates' chances in the wolverine state. and a worldwide alert for a new sars-like virus. where it already hit and who's at risk. the doctor is in. [ giggling ] [ laughing ] [ laughing ]
9:20 am
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9:23 am
arthel: welcome back. i'm arthel nell, we are your election headquarters and with just over a month until the big day, we're taking a look at the battleground states that could decide the race for the white house. today michigan, the state where governor romney was born and his father served as governor. the wolverine state carries 16 electoral votes, the unemployment rate is 9.4%, more than a full point higher than the national average. president obama has visited the state once since april, he won the state handily in 2008. governor romney has been there three times. according to the latest real clear politics average of state polls, president obama is up by more than eight points in the state of michigan. bill is the editor of "inside michigan politics," good to see you, sir. >> great to be here. arthel: so can governor romney swing michigan his way, and what does he need to do to make that
9:24 am
happen? >> he probably needs to spend some more time here. i think he needs to spend some money here that hasn't been spent so far or the super pacs do on his behalf. arthel: i see. well, you know, of course, it's always good to get him out will and, of course, as you are very well aware of, many be of the backers and romney supporters saying we definitely need you out on the campaign trail more. sticking there in michigan in particular, romney -- it's romney's birth state, the birth state of the auto industry. and although now the governor is saying that it's essentially what he was calling for, president obama rescued the bailout -- it was his bailout of the auto industry that went over so well there. so how does that fare for the governor? >> well, i think the governor's had trouble answering that criticism that he would have thrown michigan under the bus. he said let the auto industry go bankrupt four years ago in an
9:25 am
editorial in "the new york times," and president obama came in with a rescue package, and now the auto industry is up and running. and so the democrats and president obama have been beating romney about the ears with that accusation. but i think romney has a lot of pride in the fact that he was born and brought up in michigan, and he's trying to give president obama the impression that he's going to have to fight to win michigan as john kerry had to fight to win it back in 2004 by only three-and-a-half points. and john kerry was actually campaigning in michigan on the sunday before the election because he was worried he might lose michigan. george w. bush would never admit that he was going to lose michigan, and i don't think mitt romney ever will either. so mitt romney's challenge is if he can't win michigan, and i think he still thinks he might be able to, he wants to come close. he wants this to be like 2004,
9:26 am
not 2008 where john mccain pulled out of the state a month before the election and ended up getting blown away by 17 points and taking down the rest of the republican ticket with him. arthel: well, listen, i know you're watching this thing closely, and we appreciate your time for giving us your analysis there. 16 electoral votes up for grabs there. i'm sure you'll keep an eye on it for us, and we will too. thank you very much, sir. >> thank you. arthel: uh-huh. jon: driving under the influence. those who get stopped often refuse to do the breathalyzer, breathe into the tube. but can the police force you to give a blood sample? a big case now before the u.s. supreme court. our legal panel weighs in. plus, the blown nfl call the whole country is talking about, and at the height of a heated election battle a rare show of bipartisanship over those replacement referees. [ mother ] you can't leave the table
9:27 am
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9:31 am
dictator has been killed. the his relatives say he was tortured and shot in a rival town. now they threatening revenge. greg palkot streaming live from tripoli. >> reporter: jon, those close to the former rebel say he was killed by a qaddafi loyalist and they want action as a sign how unsettled things are. regarding that crackdown on militias we're getting signs it could be working. we've been seeing compounds here in tripoli where libyan security forces moved in forcing out militants. our contact in benghazi says that a key militia there appears to be going under government control. there are still many others here who say the extremist militants, some who might be tied to that consulate attack, are simply going underground taking some very dangerous people with them. meanwhile just a little more than two weeks since the killing of ambassador stevens and three americans at that american consulate in benghazi we're getting some conflicting information about the probe the latest word that we're hearing from
9:32 am
the libyan president is about the number of suspects, he is saying there were 40 of them. the problem is a week ago he was saying 50. the interior ministry here recently just told us 25. he also repeated the assertion he believes the attack was plea planned. we've been hear that as well. it has not been said all around washington however. finally a now report today saying what we've been saying that fbi agents apparently have not yet reached benghazi. this amid new concerns about the state, the condition of the crime scene there. we had our producer, jon, in the city drive by, check out the now empty u.s. mission. he did find a front gate locked but he saw no guards anywhere, no one, keeping an eye on things. back to you. jon: greg palkot reporting live from libya. thank you. arthel: a case from missouri now heads to the highest court in the land. the supreme court set to decide whether police must get a search warrant before forcing a drunk driving
9:33 am
suspect to take a blood test. missouri prosecutors argue that because alcohol in the body quickly desi pace police need to act quickly but critics say nothing that intrusive should be done without a warrant. rebecca rose woodland is trial attorney as well as joey jackson criminal defense attorney. good to see you beth of you. here's the deal. so the supreme court will consider this. do you think there's any way they will ultimately rule that a search warrant will be needed if police want to take a suspect there on the spot, take them to the emergency room and have their blood drawn? you say what, joey? >> i say there is no way the supreme court is going to give the discretion to the police to just to draw blood. could you imagine any instance where you're driving home from work and they say, you know what? this once i smell alcohol. let me impound your car, call an ambulance, take you to the local lab or hospital to draw the blood. that is a judicial determination that needs to
9:34 am
be supported by probable cause upon oath and affirmation. there are many farces in these arguments. here is what they are. i can't imagine anything more intrusive going into someone's sin. we're not talking about going into container. we're not talking about a search of a home. piercing the skin, drawing that blood. that is outrageous. arthel: hold it, rebecca. joe which is saying no way they need a search warrant? >> absolutely the supreme court will say what 27 legislatetures around the country said, get a warrant and remember, the missouri supreme court in this jurisdiction has said, which you need a warrant. arthel: so you say, rebecca, that no way, do it right there, take the guy on the spot, take him to the emergency room and get his blood to see what is going on? >> i think what will happen as the supreme court did in 1966 found it to be a special circumstance alleviates the need for a search warrant. this is based on a fourth amendment right a search of someone or a person with a subpoena, if necessary. there are special exclusions to that.
9:35 am
in this situation what is so special is, that if you're pulled over with probable cause. now there has to be probable cause for you to be pulled over for drunk driving. the state has very clearly stated, if we don't have the blood test immediately, the alcohol level dissipates. >> that is a farce. >> wait a minute. that is not necessarily a farce. what they're saying is, if someone denies their right for a breathalyzer, how else can they then prove the case? the probative value is so diminimus other than to the few people who are guilty. those who are innocent their blood test will reveal their innocence. >> may i, your honor? arthel: i appreciate you calling me your honor. keep that up. >> here's the point. arthel: yes, you may. >> thank you very much, arthel. hear is the point about dissipation of evidence. our technology nowadays allows us to find out exactly what your blood-alcohol level was at earlier time. it is called retrograde
9:36 am
extrapolation. even though i don't take your blood immediately, arthel, i will know what your blood-alcohol content is at later time because all of us have elimination rate. alcohol eliminates out of our body at a certain rate. if i know the elimination rate and two hours, three hours later when the blood is taken, i know. the last point, the last point is this. blood is not the only measure to establish a drunk driving case. there are numerous tests that can be done. stand on one leg for 30 seconds, are you drunk? you touch your nose, are you drunk? arthel: let me give rebecca the last word on this one, joey. >> the issue doctors need to know your elimination rate, and if they do not they can not determine when the blood-alcohol level was at what level at what time. arthel: many factors come into play. >> too way and difficult there after the fact. the argument really is, someone driving drunk they could kill someone. it is not that invasive --. arthel: everybody agrees drunk driving is a problem, right? >> you're not taking my
9:37 am
blood without a warrant. >> i don't disagree. i don't think it is that bad of a thing to save a life. arthel: back over here. close up to me, guys. you're not listening. cut them. keep going. we're tossing to jon. jon: i'm still marveling over retroactive extrapolation. holy cow. arthel: the words coming out of his mouth. jon: there is new fallout over wisconsin governor scott walker's retreat calling for the return of nfl union refs, this after a play monday night that sparked a national firestorm. the seahawks 14-12 victory ends on a hail mary pass ruled a touchdown by replacement refs. walker's tweet is largely mocked after his push last year-ended collective bargaining rights for workers and other public workers. his spokesman said has nothing to do with unions and everything to do with a blown call. fox business network's peter
9:38 am
barnes live in our washington bureau. peter? >> reporter: jon, we do have news here from espn on the talks between the referees and the nfl. i want to get that to you right now. according to espn a source says the two sides are close to an agreement in principle though no deal has been reached but that they are close enough, that there have been discussions about the refs possibly returning to the field this sunday. so, let's move on. separately the afl-cio has grabbed the ball with these walker comments saying that this shows republican support for union workers. it said in a statement yesterday, quote, union members bring huge value to our communities and our lives every die. scott walker and others would do well to remember that the next time they treat union members, firefighters, teachers, auto workers differently than union referees who are cut from the same clothe, end quote. walker is not the only wisconsin reng in on all this.
9:39 am
so is the republican vice-presidential candidate. >> did you guys watch that packer game last night? i mean, give me a break. it is time to get the real refs. and you know what? it reminds me of president obama and the economy. if you can't get it right it is time to get out. >> reporter: ryan's running mate mitt romney said he would sure like to see some referees with nfl experience come back to the playing field. yesterday president obama told reporters, quote, i've been saying for months we've got to get our refs back. it looks like this controversy is literally becoming a political football. jon. jon: you might say that. peter barnes in washington for us. peter, thank you. arthel: i have no political pigskin in this race. bring back the real refs. that's all i'm saying. right? jon: sounds good to me. arthel: coming up iran's ahmadinejad blasting israel at the u.n. general assembly
9:40 am
and pushing for a new world order. reaction to his speech from israel's former ambassador to the u.n. okay, team! after age 40, we can start losing muscle --
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and protein to help protect, preserve, and promote muscle health. keeps you from getting soft. [ major nutrition ] ensure. nutrition in charge! arthel: okay. dietary restrictions aside you will be hard-pressed to find somebody that does not love bacon but it could soon cost you a whole lot more. julie banderas, bacon is a really good friend of mine. i don't like this story. >> reporter: i'm sorry to rain on your parade today. a global bacon shortage? that is what britain's national pig association says meat eaters should expect next year. high pig feed costs are being blamed for what the organization will be unavoidable bacon and pork shortage, creating worldwide decline of pig herds. apparently the cost of bacon has doubled since 2006 and record droughts are not helping either. with less people eating bacon unwilling to pay high prices the lack of demand is hurting farmers. but perhaps more dramatic
9:44 am
here, arthel, is the massive response on twitter with comments like, i'm officially on suicide watch. this is tragic. and mayians were right. the world is coming to an end. leave it to twitter to bring realistic perspective to a news story. back to you. arthel: seriously, julie, we all feel for the farmers. definitely maybe this could spark some sort of farm aid specifically for those particular farmers because we want them to be financially, fiscally sound but we want us to have our bacon. >> reporter: yes. it is a debate i'm sure will continue on twitter. with more insight go on twitter. arthel: thanks, julie. jon: say it isn't so. arthel: i would not be happy. jon: health officials are on high alert now over a deadly sars-like outbreak. a family of five being held in isolation now. dr. manny alvarez next with who is at risk. i have a cold, and i took nyquil,
9:45 am
but i'm still stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels speeds relief to your worst cold symptoms plus has a decongestant for your stuffy nose. thanks. that's the cold truth!
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arthel: right now a deadly new virus is raising alarms around the world. it is related to the sars virus which emerged in china back in 2003 killing hundreds of people. dr. manny alvarez is the senior managing editor of and a medical a-teamer. dr. manny, good to see you. before we start this discussion though, what is this sars-like virus? how does it attack the body? >> let's be clear. it is not related to the sars virus at all. it is basically now a virus that is still, has been identified, but the symptoms are very similar to sars in that you get very high fevers and you get an upperries pertory infection that is very severe and that is the concerning part because we still don't know what is the severity of the disease.
9:49 am
is it going to lead to death? there is no actual treatment for it right now and we still don't know how it is going to spread. arthel: speaking of spreading, we don't want to have anybody panicking and freaked out. these are isolated cases that have been reported so far? >> yeah it is but remember they have been sort of monitoring this since late september and, basically now you have five cases in copenhagen of families that have traveled to a specific part of the world, saudi arabia and qatar. so right now the, a big warning or big announcement came out to a lot of health facilities around the world to very acutely report and isolate these cases because remember, in sars back in 2002 in china you had over 8,000 people infected with the disease very quickly, very acute, forming upperries pertory infection and -- respiratory infections and
9:50 am
up to 1,000 people died. the spread of these viruses can be very, very quick. arthel: as you know, we have a lot of viewers that are international travelers. >> absolutely. arthel: you say there is no cure at this point but what can you do to protect yourself? >> proper hygiene is key. we say hand washing especially traveling in parts of world where you have these reportable cases, you have to be careful washing your hands and airplane surfaces as much as you can, a self-protection and self-hygiene and be very aware of flu-like symptoms. if you're traveling and come back a week later and wake up with a fever of 101 and nothing, any other stuff is going on you've got to go to the doctor. that doctor has to be aware of the potential effects of some of these viruses popping up all over the world. arthel: quickly, you can't take antibiotics for this. >> no. viral infection you can't take anti-bottomtics. you take supportive therapy.
9:51 am
with a lot of supportive therapy in the hospital you can overcome deadly consequences of a viral infection. arthel: dr. alvarez, so good to see you. >> thank you. arthel: jon. jon: governor romney kicking off a tour in a key swing state with a new strategy. we'll talk about his new line of attack coming up. look, if you have copd like me,
9:52 am
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9:54 am
jon: right now protests outside the united nations in new york city, more than one world leader, known for his message of hate. mahmoud ahmadinejad addressing the general assembly a short while ago in what may be his last speech there as iran's president. he blasted the u.s. and israel making clear who he blames for the world's problems. >> translator: there is no doubt that the world is in need of a new order and a fresh way of thinking an
9:55 am
order in which man is recognized as god's supreme creation, enjoying material and a spiritual qualities and possessing a pure and divine nature filled with desire to seek justice and truth. jon: joining us by telephone from tel aviv, ambassador dan gillerman, israel's former ambassador to the united nations. also a fox news contributor. ambassador gillerman, as we noted you served at the united nations. is anybody listening to ahmadinejad or is he speaking to a room that doesn't pay attention? >> well i think he is speaking to a room that doesn't pay attention but unfortunately he may also be speaking to a world which is not paying attention. i think most of the world and people in new york may see ahmadinejad may think the circus has come to down but this is no entertainment, this is no, sir discuss. this is a real horror show.
9:56 am
i advise people to listen to ahmadinejad and take him at his wore and take him at face value. this man means what he says. the jewish people and indeed the world have paid a horrendous advice ignoring a similar rantings by a tyrant just 70 years ago. i think we could witness the same today if the world does not take ahmadinejad seriously. he may sound like a lunatic but he is on a quest for nuclear weapons. that would be a threat not just to israel which he threatened to wipe off the face of the map but to civilization as we know it. jon: so how should the united states and others respond? >> first of all, jon, this man should not be allowed to enter the united states and certainly not get a chance to use the podium at the u.n. for his ranting and his diatribes.
9:57 am
he should be barred and treated as a pariah and as a leper. once he has been allowed, the united states and international community should listen very carefully and this madman is on a quest for nuclear weapons, that time is running out and the clock is ticking out, therefore all options must remain on the table and the united states must make it very, very clear in no uncertain terms to this ruler and to his people, that it will not allow iran to become nuclear. jon: he talks --, well he talked a lot in this speech today about peace and happiness. talked about this muslim messiah that he says is going to come. is there the fear. is there some fear no nuclear conflagration seen by him as fulfillment as some kind of weird destiny?
9:58 am
>> well, you know, jon, forgive me if i tell you that i have no way of getting into that twisted mind. all i know is iran today is the world's major perpetrator, harborer and financer of terror. it is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of americans and people around the world. and iran is making its intentions very, very clear. and i think the one thing that must be uppermost in everybody's mind is not allowing this crazy lunatic from this regime to become nuclear. this will be a world you and i and none of us wants to live in. it will be ugly. it will be dangerous and it is something that we must not allow to happen and i hope very much that this speech, hopefully his last, has brought home to people around the world and to the leadership of the united states how serious this is, how imminent this us and
9:59 am
absolutely, absolutely, a, impossible to even entertain the thought of iran ever becoming nuclear. more should be done and if necessary i assure you israel will do it. jon: ambassador dan gillerman. thank you very much for joining us. arthel: thanks for joining us. "america live" starts right now. us, "america live" starts right now. megyn: fox news alert regarding a big day on the campaign trail as the candidates go head to head in a critical state, and we get reports of a big shift in strategy for the romney campaign. welcome to "america live," everyone, i'm megyn kelly. with less than six weeks to go before election day, some political writers are pointing out a suddenly tougher tone from governor mitt romney. he is on the attack, being more clear, more concise and more forcefully calling out the administration's policies that he is arguing have hurt america. it comes as both can
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